9 vintage books recolors of the game readable book (textures 1 to 6 are extracted from the "vampire ~ the masquerade: Bloodlines" video game. Textures 7 to 9 are from my own book collection).

These are not default replacements, but recolors.

To be able to use these, you'll have to get your sims to pick any book from the library (study, novel, kid book, diary...), then use the design tool on the book and choose the book you want your sims to read (see demo pic bellow if necessary).

(9 files / 1 Mb)

No mesh needed

Although you don't need it to use my recolor, you may want to download Decorgal's extracted book and photo album recolor. This will let you buy the book from the catalogue instead of having your sims pick it up from a bookcase. Plus she is the one who gave me the idea for these recolors in the first place.

In-game previews: