13 wall papers and 12 floors.
These serie contains 8 pavement and path textures, 13 exterior wall textures, and 4 asphalt textures.
(all the asphalt floors uses the same base texture: asphalt 1a. So you can alternate them with each other)

All floors are (2x2), except the first 1 (1x1). Pavement previews below only shows a (1x1) section of the whole texture (asphalt texture represented in whole).

A collection file is also included.

(26 files / 2.9 Mb)

Important note :

All these walls are seemless.

All the textures from these files have been extracted from "the Vampire ~ the masquerade: bloodlines" video game.
One of my favorites outside the sim universe :)

In-game previews: