What to do with downloaded files:

extract the files from the zip archives and into this folder:
MyDocuments/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads

If you can't find the "Downloads" folder, you can create one (don't forget the capital D), or run bodyshop or homecrafter, that should create the folder for you.

If you have troubles understanding how to download or install custom content for the sims 2, you can learn more by reading this MTS2 tutorial.

Problems with downloaded files (conflicts, content not showing, etc):

If my custom content is not showing in your game, check the object description to make sure you don't need to download a mesh for my recolors to show.
If it's not a mesh problem and my items still don't show up, please follow this MTS2 tutorial before contacting me about it. Thank you.

If you are having a game problem (game not starting, freezing up, ), you can identify the problem by following this wiki tutorial. If it turns out one of my files is at the origin of the problem, you can contact me at simsprojects2(at)free(dot)fr. But please make sure my file is the cause before contacting me, thanks.

Terms of use:

- Redistribution of my custom content: you can include my walls, floors, object recolors with your packaged lots and redistribute them on any free site (except the exchange).
You can include my bodyshop items with your packaged sims and redistribute them on any free site (except the exchange).
Do not redistribute my files alone or my archives without prior permission
In both cases, please credit me and link back here, so your downloader can get an updated file if available, or download similar items from me

- About screenshots and movies: use and overuse at will. No credit needed.

- About re-using my texture: you can do whatever you want with my files for personal use. This includes showing the result in screenshots or movies, and sharing with your friends via e-mails. But if you are planning to offer a files using one of my texture on your website, please contact me first to ask permission. And send me a pic of the result, if I like what I see, I'll give you the green light.

About using my movies or my screenshots and posting them on your site: Most of my screenshots have been released under Creative common "Attribution-Non commercial-Share Alike" license. Please check the license of the picture you want to use on my flickr account. Basically, graphics used for my site layout are "all right reserved", the rest is "CC share alike". If you use my screens for anything, please tell me about it. I'd love to see what you've done with it.
The same goes for my movie. If I used copyright music, the movie will be "all rights reserved". If I used free to share sounds and music, the movie will be "CC share alike"
Of course, I don't need to explicit say that you should never pretend to be the author of anything I have made. And please credit me if you want to redistribute my work, with a link back here. Do not upload my movies on youtube. I already have an account there, so no need to have duplicates of my movies on this platform

Any other questions:

If you still have questions concerning anything included on this site, or want to report a dead link, feel free to contact me. I don't bite. Well, not very hard anyway...
You can send me an e-mail at SimsProjects2(at)free(dot)fr. Or you can PM me at MTS2, as I check my account on regular basis.