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Tricks and mini-tuts

Here are a few links to other simmers tutorial and help pages:

- official site's movie making tutorial: also check mm pointers and sims deluxe movie tut video.

- Sims 99 moviemaker wiki: lots of great tips and tutorials, all in one place

- Decorgal's list of favorites hacks and advices for newbies: self explanatory. Be sure to check Decorgal's blog for more movie making tips, and also her FAQs.

- JayDee's movie making tips: also check her other, more advance tutorials (now available at the sims99 wiki).

- Britannica Dreams movie making tutorial: from start to finish. Be sure to check their list of useful mods and hacks.

- Machinima Premiere shooting dialogue tutorial: general tips for dialogue scenes (you may have to scroll down to see it). Very usefull tut in my opinion (now available at the sims99 wiki).

- HystericalParoxysm's taking totally bitchin pics tutorial: ment for picture taking, but most tips also applies for movie making.