I’ve been bad, Santa…

Well, it seems I could be nominated for worst webmaster 2007. My excuse is that I stated a new job at the end of november, which is very time consuming, and I now have so many things to do during the week-ends that I can’t stand to wait for 15 minutes to let my game load.

Plus, my love for sims is like a roller-coaster ride and I am currently in a low phase. I haven’t completly lost interest yet, don’t worry, I just focus on other thing. I do feel that “make more cc” sensation rise lately though. But for now, it’s not much more than a tinckle in my fingertips. The machinima bug is bitting harder…

But still, I’m terrible at updating my poor site… To the point that I completly forgot to mentionned here that I took part in a christmas group movie project called “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.
Seven sims machinima directors (Decorgal, Forthsee, Hazeqeren, Jpro, Kateyjoo, SimplyMe and yours trully) filmed short scenes and then sent them to Decorgal who edited the final movie.
You can read more about it on Decorgal’s blog. I’ll add the movie to the movie section this weekend. In the meanwhile, you can watch a low-res version on SimplyMe’s youtube account.

Hope you all had spend great hollyday and started off 2008 with a blast!


A bunch of updates…

First, to the goodies! I have a bunch of updates for you today. I must learn to cut down to pieces the number of files I want to put up for download, instead of piling everything up and only update once a month :)
So here are all the new files, only one click away:



Also I have updated the screenshot section. Nothing new here if you’ve already visited my flickr account though.

And last but not least, Sims Projects is now the proud affiliate of Decorgal.com! I never considered having affiliates before, but it just makes sense to affiliate with my friends. Plus we have similar tastes in interior designs :D I’m sure you are all familliar with her work already, but go check her site anyway


Grand opening!

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Yeah, finnally! The new layout is done. And look at that: I now have a blog. Woot woot!
I had to post-poned the grand re-opening because I had a big blog bug (say that 3 times very fast!), but now it’s all fixed and everything is working properlly. Well at least I hope…

To celebrate the new layout, I uploaded some new custom content (click “downloads” on the left menu), a screenshot section and a tips, trick and cheats section. This means that my content for the original game (aka Sims 1) is no longer available, and that both my domains are merged together and dedicated to the sims 2.

So now, relax, enjoy and please, tell me if anything isn’t working properly by sending me a mail at SimsProjects2(at)free.fr. You know how it is, even after checking 3 times, some mistakes always find their ways here or there.

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